Welcome to State of the Soil; Season 1

Our first adventure into farm marketing and sales training. Why did we create this online summit?

  1. There were no marketing driven conferences that covered everything I knew a farmer needed. No tell-all book. There were farming books that talked about all about running farm businesses. Yields, land selection, fertilizers, and a chapter on marketing. There were marketing books, but no farming chapters. Sure, county extension offices offered training, but it was skin deep. I wanted to go to bone-marrow-deep on marketing and business strategies that top companies and performers use.
  2. The hard part is balancing life with work. As an industry we all needed resources on how to cope with long hours, long winters, short growing seasons, and perspectives on what it’s like to live with us as farmers.
  3. We all needed inspiration from people within agriculture, Ag-tech, and the local food movement. I contacted people who inspired me to be the best I could be and we sat down for talks on their perspectives and advice.

I believe that we all should always be students. And if we are to make a living as a craftsman of food, we owe it to ourselves, our clients, and the industry to be the best we can. Are we perfect, no. Are there things I would like to change about this first offering, of course. But I know that the lessons learned through these interviews are worth the occasional moments I had the opportunity to do better. This Summit is perfectly imperfect and is the first step in building the best resource of network partners, community of growers, and marketing and business methods for small Agriculture in today’s modern world.

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Register now for instant access to the summit plus the checklist we use to run our farm, how we use social media to create weekly recurring clients, and how we set up at our farmer’s market to capture new customers & turn them into year round buyers no matter what season it is. This is tested, proven & real practices my farm, Victory Gardens, in Paris, Texas uses every week for year round predictable sales.

Who Are You?

  • Is building a farm the thing you have to do?
  • Are you in a tech job daydreaming of vertical farming?
  • Are you fixing to have your second career but feel passed up by marketing technologies like social media, email marketing, and a bit of fear of putting yourself out into the world?
  • Is your current farm on a growth plateau or decline?
  • Are you wanting to invest in a farm but need an inside track?
  • Do you only want to have a hobby farm, but don’t want to invest in a crop or farm product that will debut to crickets?
  • Do you want to serve a social cause but understand you have to make a living to keep the farm running so you can help more people?

Here is What we went over during our first summit:

  • Farm to Table Restaurants and selling to chefs- Andrea Shackelford, Harvest Seasonal Kitchen, McKinney, Texas
  • Commercial Aquaponics, Ken Armstrong, Ouroboros Farms, San Francisco, CA
  • Photography for marketing, Tony Corso, Corso Images, Paris, Texas
  • Farm Taxes, Kevin Schmidt, Doodly Dee Farms, Karnack, Texas
  • Farm Real Estate, Jeff Bednar, Profound Microfarms, Lucas, Texas
  • Media Relations, Kayson Brydon, Prod44, Dallas, Texas
  • Start up Ag-tech, Karin Kloosterman, Flux.iot, Israel
  • Local Food Trends, Nanci & Terri Taylor, Edible DFW, Dallas, Texas
  • Hydroponics & Market Position, Jon Kozlowski, FarmTek/Growers Supply, Hartford, Connecticut
  • Market Trends & Seeds, Randy Cummings, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Albion, Maine
  • Seed Trials & Variety, Steve Rodrigue, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Winslow, Maine
  • Farm to Table, catering, and farm life, Stacy Givens, The Side Yard Farm, Portland, Oregon
  • Funding, Tim Kelly, Sun Tex Capitol, Dallas, Texas
  • Microgreen Startup, Maryna Higgins, Underground Greens, Washington, D.C.
  • Social Media Platforms, Shawn Snyder, Your Virtual Marketing Machine, DFW, Texas
  • Global Impact of Agriculture, Jane Schinasi, The Hope Bearers Documentary Series, Paris, France
  • Urban & Vertical Farming, Henry Gordon-Smith, Blue Planet Consulting, NYC
  • Networking Leverage, Chris Powers, The Vertical Farming Summit, Chicago Illinois
  • Work Life Family Balance, Brett Judd, Fortunes & Families, Pocatello, Idaho
  • Permaculture, Genevieve Flanagan, The Urban Acre Homestead, Portland, Oregon
  • Market & Crop Selection, Andrew Mefford, Growing For Market Magazine, Cornville, Maine
  • Veteran’s Resource, Arias Rice, Denver Colorado
  • Online Farm Education, Dr. Nate Story, Plenty/Upstart University, Laramie, Wyoming
  • Email Marketing, Charlotte Smith, 3 Cow Marketing, St. Paul, Oregon
  • Decolonization to your Farm, Scott Carrus, Blue Planet Consulting, NYC
  • Composting, Amanda Smith, Eat Your Dirt Summit, Denver, Colorado
  • Four Season Farming, Michael Kilpatrick, In The Field Consultants, Germantown, Ohio
  • Social Media Marketing, Nick Burton
  • Your Ideal Client, Nick Burton
  • Blue Ocean Markets, Nick Burton
  • Facebook Market Research, Nick Burton
  • Canva Ad Design, Nick Burton
  • Making A Promotional Video, Nick Burton
  • Brainstorming Content, Nick Burton
  • Facebook Cost Per Click Reduction, Nick Burton
  • Farmers Market Walk, Nick Burton
  • Intents Business Conference Takeaways, Nick Burton
  • Bonus Downloads: Farm Mailer Templates,
  • Farm Quote Downloads, Using the IFTTT app for event networking infographic.
  • Ebook Downloads: Farm Charm-A Farmers
  • Market Traffic Guide, Plant Seeds Daily-365 Days of Farming Social Media Guide, @#SocialMedia-A Grower’s Guide to Social Media Basics. © 2016 N. Burton
  • State of the Soil whitepaper download
  • Farm Maintenance Checklist

I am proudest of the community that we have built in our closed Facebook Group where a positive and supportive of fellow growers meet to offer help to one another. We have meet ups at conferences and in person networking groups.

37 Presentations and 8 download bonuses from industry thought leaders, experts, and practitioners in their craft.

$129 gets the entire State of the Soil Season 1 package with access on any device.

If that much information at this price isn’t enough, here is my personal guarantee:

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Look, I’m a small business owner and farmer too. I know things can be tight.

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Better get caught up now, State of the Soil; Season 2 is coming up fast and we are moving forward as a group. Get caught up now as we take the local food movement to the next level together.

“Since attending his first Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)school as offered by Growers Supply, Nick has continuously given back to our customer base and the agricultural community. He takes his success story and pays it forward, teaching existing and start-up agricultural business entrepreneurs the art of market development even when heavy competition is imminent. Nick is now and has been a keynote speaker at CEA school every two months in South Windsor, CT. His knowledge and success stories stem from real life practice and that knowledge is priceless.

Every CEA school is concluded with a survey asking the attended to rank each presentation. Nick is consistently at the top of that list. His success story and shared knowledge invoke confidence and provide the wherewithal to customers starting their own agricultural business.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, it is impossible to track all of the credit due to Nick. His workings go beyond the point of sale with many customers and that is invaluable.”

-Zachery Carr, Greenhouse Sales, Growers Supply

“Nick is great at coming up with out of the box type thinking and giving direction and implementation ideas that would have never crossed my mind. These have all helped my company grow and taught me many things.”

-Shawn Snyder, Your Virtual Marketing Machine (Texas)

My name is Nick Burton. I am a hydroponic grower. I am a soil farmer. I am a multi-business owner with over 20 years in the green space. I have been where you are, where you want to be, and humble enough to realize three things:

#1  I am obligated to pass on where I have made mistakes so you can avoid them.

#2 I must give back to the agricultural community as agriculture has given me unique opportunities to see our food’s origins.

#3 I am, and always will be, a student of the craft of growing, selling, and marketing. It fascinates me.

I have been fortunate enough to create a market within my community that is scalable & duplicatable. Similarly, I have systematized these businesses in a way I can live freely enough to continue learning, traveling to other farms, and I have been given the opportunity to tell my story.

I want to share these experiences & stories with you. I want you to meet the people I have met so they can empower & motivate you like they inspired me.

What if you could be exposed to industry leaders, successful farms, and outside life & business experts & thought leaders?

What if you had the tools to help you build a raving fan base that eagerly buy anything your farm produces? And you set the market price.

What if you found a safe community of fellow growers to help each other with farm business & marketing opportunities?

State of the Soil Virtual Summit

Five interviews per day for five days.
Invite 25+ experts to your farm to start 2017 off on the right boot.

Topics Include:

  • The state of modern agriculture
  • Introductions to hydroponics
  • High-tech AG
  • State & Federal Ag Resources
  • Understanding Terminal Markets
  • Seed trials & myth-busting
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Using native content on social media
  • Photography short course for agriculture
  • Growing & leveraging your network
  • Targeting audiences on FaceBook
  • Presenting on TV & media leveraging
  • Understanding raising capitol
  • Non-traditional land acquisition
  • Case Study: leaving the farm
  • Taxes & the price of success
  • Veterans resources
  • Balancing family time on a family farm
  • Evolution & future of the local food movement
  • Recipe development for added value products
  • Selling to restaurants
  • Delivering convenience
  • Case Study: Farm events & catering
  • Vertical farming technology
  • Market trends & profit crops
  • Introduction to Aquaponics
  • Seed & Variety selections

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State of the Soil
Virtual Summit Partners

“I started working with Nick Burton in January of 2014 when he called into Growers Supply to order a greenhouse. After a couple conversations back and forth Nick added two of our GT-50 Hydroponic Lettuce Systems onto his order. Since that initial call and ultimate purchase Nick and I have had countless conversations and he has placed numerous orders with Growers Supply in order to continually grow and expand his business. When I met Nick, he had a vision of what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go. Since then he has changed that plan multiple times but yet he has seen amazing growth in less than two years. In addition to the multiple businesses that Nick runs in Paris, TX, he is a repeat presenter at our Controlled Environment Agriculture School that we host at our headquarters in South Windsor, CT. I have watched Nick educate and advise growers from all types of backgrounds and provide an excellent benefit to our school. I know that his future is bright and I look forward to seeing exactly where he is headed and what he will do in this industry.”

-Growers Supply CEA School Katie Pierce – Growers Supply – South Windsor, CT

Could you prowl over the internet & find this information? Maybe, but how long will that take? And will the questions be asked by someone who knows what it’s like to start & run a small farm?

My goal for each interview is to at minimum give one $100 idea or a way to save $100. I want each presentation to make or save you money, not once- but over & over.

We will teach you how to stack the lessons to multiply the earning potential of each lesson. This is how top performers in any field make it look easy. They learn how to avoid mistakes and connect profit avenues faster. It’s time small agriculture get access to these tools.

Our speakers, sponsors, and organizers have spent countless hours & resources to bring our industry the ultimate resource of farm to consumer marketing best practices. We are in an industry filled with passion and people who understand the value of the abundance mentality. No farm can feed the world, but together we all can.

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“Nick saw something in me that has inspired me to dream bigger than I ever dared before. He gave me the knowledge, a plan, and the tools to bring my entrepreneurial dreams to fruition. He connected me to people and companies that are helping me achieve my goals and giving me a clear plan for my life and business. Nick introduced me to concepts that I would never have imagined, such as creating the need in the market for my product. He helped me overcome personal, financial, & technical obstacle that were hindering me from moving forward.”

-Arisa Rice, Owner/Farmer: Organically Grown Kids, LLC. (Colorado) The Blog: The Executive Farmer. Past Growers Supply CEA school attendee.

“Nick Has been a great inspiration as I started my hydroponic farm. He believed in my business more than I believed in myself. His continuous support and advice pushed me to overcome my doubts and concerns, built my confidence and get me to where I am at now. Every bit of information Nick shared with me from building the farm to marketing the product contributed to the growth of my business.”

-Maryna Higgins, Owner undergroundgreens.com, Washington, D.C. Past Growers Supply CEA school attendee.

“Before Working with Nick I had very little confidence in my ability to provide a product that was unique or different to my field of work. Nick saw potential in me when I felt I had none and gave me the push to think outside the box and create my dream job. Most importantly he helped me realize that I had a unique voice that is worth sharing with the world, I just needed some guidance to help me get started and nick has done that for me.”

-Erin Finch, Holistically Fed, Texas

“Nick is a fantastic resource for new and established growers alike. The challenges of farming don’t end at environmental factors. The biggest challenge growers tell me they face is how to sell and market their products, and their company. Nick brings a strong understanding of sales and marketing to the table, and is a valuable resource to help clients succeed in this tough profession.”

-Randy Cummings, Territory Sales Manager, Johnny’s Selected Seeds