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See what makes The State of the Soil Virtual Summit stand out

This is a full interview from The State of the Soil Virtual Summit on location at One Drop Farm in Winslow, Maine with Andrew Mefferd, Editor of Growing For Market Magazine.

Where Are We Going?

Andrew covers some of the most asked questions about:

  • Market & Industry Trends
  • Changes & Forcasting
  • Farm/Family Balance

Andrew Mefferd, One Drop Farm & Growing for Market Magazine

Andrew Mefferd is the editor of Growing for Market Magazine. Before that he worked for seven years as the greenhouse and hoophouse specialist at Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and apprenticed at farms across the country. His own farm has been selling produce and seedlings for nearly fifteen years. His book The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Growers Handbook, will be available in early 2017 from www.growingformarket.com.

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Farm Charm: A Farmers Market Traffic Guide

Give your customers the best possible experience and watch them come back week after week!

In Farm Charm, Nick Burton will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, show you where you can make small changes that create big results, and how to make your market booth memorable.

Hydroponic and Soil Farm Checklist

This is the checklist we use at Victory Gardens. It features both weekly and monthly farm chores. Use as is, or make your own!

Educate Your Buyers with the Farmers Market Report

Why should people buy your goods? What does is mean to support a local farm?
When your customers fully understand the impact of their purchase and how it benefits them (and you) they are more likely to return week after week.

Eliminate Social Media Post Guess Work

Business owners face two common hard truths when it comes to social media:

1- No time to post social media
2 -Unsure what to post

In our 1st Social Media book, we covered different aspects of social media elements and their importance. But how do you implement? What if you wanted to hand off SM activity to a third party, or designate someone? How can you trust there is enough direction without just doing it yourself?

If you just want it done for you, here it is: a Social Media plan dedicated to small ag. The calendar is 365 posts dedicated to a Farmer’s Market operation. You can use part or all of this for scheduled posts built around holidays in April-October market season, and becoming a voice for small ag and your community. There will be some adjustments and judgement calls, but the following pages will help you build a social media presence with consistent engaging quality.

@#SOCIALMEDIA - A Grower's Guide to Social Media Basics

Are you using social media to grow your brand and create loyal customers? Why not?

State of the Soil's Whitepaper

I Have outlined what questions I, in retrospect, would have asked of my farm’s development if I knew then what I know now. The level of expertise and creativity I have both witnessed and developed with my style is gone over in these pages.

I hope it helps anyone wondering what the next step is. At the minimum,  I hope to push the conversation forward.

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