State of the Soil Agenda

“AGRICULTURE,  is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man” -George Washington

Hydroponics & Clients

John Kozlowski – Growers Supply

Continuing Education for Your Farm

Nick Storey – Bright Agrotech/Upstart University


Tim Kelley – SunTX Capitol, Dallas TX

Selling to Restaurants

Andrea Shackelford

Farm Tax Pitfalls

Kevin Schmidt

Blue Ocean Marketing

Nick Burton

Forecasting Market Trends

Randy Cummings – Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Winslow, ME

Seed Trials & Development

Steve Rodrigue – Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Fairfield, ME

Food Trends

Terri Taylor

Food Trends

Nancy Taylor

Emerging Ag Tech

Karin Kloosterman

Urban Farming & Ag Tech

Henry Gordon Smith – Blue Planet Consulting

Veterans Resources

Arisa Rice – The Executive Farmer, Denver, CO

Media Relations

Kason Bryden – Prod44 – Dallas, TX

Real Estate for Farms

Jeff Bednar – Profound Micro Farms, Lucas, TX

Building & Leveraging a Strong Network

Chris Powers –, Chicago, IL


Ken Armstrong

Facebook Market Research

Nick Burton

A Life of Agriculture

Andrew Mefferd – Growing for Market Magazine & One Drop Farm, Cornville, ME

Microgreens in a Tough Market

Maryna Higgins – Micro-green Production, Washington D.C.


Genevieve Flanagan – The Urban Acre Homestead, Portland, OR

Farm to Table & Community Events

Stacey Givens – The Side Yard Farm, Portland, OR

Industry Q & A

Nick Burton & Jeff Bednar

Family Balance

Brett Judd

Social Media

Shawn Snyder – SRS Virtual Assistant, Dallas TX

Photography in Ag

Tony Corso – Corso Images, Paris, TX

Victory Garden Lunch Club

Nick Burton – Victory Garden Lunch Club, Paris, TX

A World Ag View

Jane Schinasi France – Hope Bearers Documentary Series

Closing Keynote

Nick Burton – State of the Soil Media, Paris, TX

-Facebook Coaching Session – Recorded
-How to Create Images in Canva – Recorded
– How to Make a Promo Video – Recorded
– Social Media Farm Quotes Image Pack – Downloadable