“For any new farmer you really need to take the business side lessons first. Even before you sow the first seed in the ground you need to plant the seed of good business because that is the seed that will be the best to reap.”

“I love to grow food, but today that is not enough. The overall take away I have gotten from the first two days that you need to take care of the business end of your business of it can not take care of you. So passion or not you cannot overlook this detail. So overall I am learning from all of you some ways to held me take care of this send so I can go back and do the growing part that I love so much and can apcan afford to keep doing it.”

“Don’t spin your wheels. If you are starting out seasoned or just don’t know how to market well, SOTS will save you a lot of time!”

“Great experience, I would never have thought of Edible magazine as a way to track trends from Toronto to major U.S. cities on the east and west coast back to my hometown. I will definitely use this to stay ahead of the market.”

“The conference has made me look at the convenience factor of buying my products. It has also served as a reminder of things I know but have been to busy to do…back to basics.”

“This one actually comes from the meet and greet hour on Sunday evening. Keven Schmidt was talking about how he went into Restaurants and once they affirmed the quality of his product, in so many words he simply told them he would start delivering on a particular day. Yesterday I talked to a restaurant who I had dropped off samples with that I would be making deliveries on Thursdays in his area and how much would they want? I got the standing weekly order right there. Thanks, Kevin!” – David Wickboldt

“The content is probably worth ten times what you charged. Although I appreciate the low entry, I probably would not have been able to afford that as a startup. Hopefully I can pay it forward someday.”

“I love the real – life sharing of information, no holds barred style of the interviews. I also am amazed at the quick response/reply to questions or issues. Abundant resources are amazing.”

“If you’re looking for a condensed educational resource at a decent price that will help you gain clarity about the entire business end of your business, this is what you want. From start to finish.”

“It was a no brainer for me. I jumped at the chance. For some reason I could tell that it was going to be awesome.” (?(I’m not sure if you want this review so I’m just going to put a question mark beside it. And any others I’m not sure about.))

“My name is Nicole Shelly.
I like your emails, I prefer reading. I don’t have enough good things to say about the free marketing materials you have sent out so far.”

“The topics presented in the State of the Soil are more valuable to your success than you realize. These presentations have taught me a ton of practical strategy and skills that I didn’t even realize I needed or was lacking – and now I can see how important these concepts really are.”

“It turns out I needed the State of the Soil Virtual Summit more than I thought. After a single presentation on Day 1, I was hooked. I learned new skills I didn’t even know I needed – like how to set myself up for success during a video interview and how to make a memorable impression at a conference. The presentations, combined with the amazing set of downloadable resources, and the transparency of the staff has made it an incredible experience. The All-Access Pass is well worth it!” -Halley Brake

“The information contained within has been excellent and truly made me realize that I am not alone in my struggles and there are good people out there working in the same goals and trying to accomplish great things for our common goals. I think it was during Kevin’s interview on day one that I realized that it could be a struggle but it would work out with some determination and the right resources to lean on. I was most impressed by the live resource on Canva also. It got my creativity started and thinking and got me excited to start moving forward into the summit. Thanks Nick” ~ Ben Volkman, Sea Wolf Farms

“This is easily a $200 summit.”

“Nick gives you much more than you give him”

“Learning from other peoples experiences including mistakes and challenges as well as successes is priceless. The more you learn from others mistakes the less likely you are to make them. I appreciate the candid and honest conversations with people that I can relate to. I liked hearing from such a diverse group rather than the same “rockstar” growers that everyone promotes.” – Jeremiah Squilla, First Acre LLC

“If I gain one customer or save a couple hours of work it would pay off. I expect to reap much more than that from the knowledge gained from the summit.”

“The ebooks added enough real value upfront to make it easy to commit to the cost of the AAP. I felt that I already got my moneys worth in advanced.”

“If I gain one CSA customer from a marketing tip, it will have made me an extra $500. or more. I expect what I have learned will do much more than that and continue to pay off for my whole life. Education is one of the most valuable assets you can attain.”

“Yes, and there is more material than I can handle in the timeframe so its worth the cost to be able to reference it later.” (?)

“I am just getting ready to start my market farm this year and am studying as much as I can. I see great value in learning from others experience and before it even started I learned enough to justify the cost.”

“A great value Nick… Very useful guidance and insight… Some of it is beyond me, some not… the key takeaway for me was motivation to at least try something! Thanks for your willing help.”

“When we started out farm 10 years ago, we saw an ad in Growing for Market for the Cool bot. We were one of the first people to purchase the cool bot and we have reaped the benefits of it ever since and watched it grow. I am pretty sure I was one of the first people to sign on to this summit. I have been following Nick since his Growing for Market article and I know his summit is going to be just as successful as the coolbot!”

“Jon Kozlowski’s interview was very inspirational……. Loved it and would like to add, Nick Burton I’m in your shoes two years ago, but right now, no experience but to hit the floor running……”

“Michael’s presentation rocked! I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it. It’s packed with a lot of great information and resources.”

“On day 2, I love that these are everyday people speaking in a tone and ease of common conversation. It’s great to hear from “real” folks.”

“Your hard work shows in the site and the presentation material and in your replies. Thank you so very much for everything. It’s been amazing and I’m so glad I got the all access pass because there is stuff here I will need to review again as I go forward. This is Information that is really needed and invaluable.”

“Thanks for the Add, Watching Facebook Marketing on the Summit right now. WOW, what an eye opener! Thanks Nick for doing what you do!”

“Another excellent set of presentations! Thanks for being so open about the hardships you’ve faced Nick Burton, and for bringing light to such an important topic with Brett Judd. Something so often overlooked, but so vital in success (personally and professionally).”

“Nick, Thank you for the phone call. I have never met you and don’t even know what to make of you. Innovative and honest maybe. It is amazing what you are doing. What a cool format for your summit – I am loving it.”

“I always wanted to find a way to bring fresh, organic, local option to myself and my community. Three months ago i began my journey to making my dreams a reality. It has been an up-hill battle since I started but with the help of Nick Burton and his State of the Soil creation, my journey has been easy. State of the Soil focuses on my Industry and way of farming. Nick’s personal experiences of “ups and downs” are being shared to help us farmers have a smooth path to walk on when it comes to marketing and making important decisions on the future of our farms. I believe in what Nick is doing, in return, I showed support, and began the easy “monthly payment option” for even more access to information and Nick’s personal help. I was in a “jam” and Nick took time out of his busy schedule to do a video chat to help me sort number to help complete charts for a market analysis. I still am in beginning stages my farm but I know I am not alone due to Nick Burton and his creation State of the Soil. I recommend anyone to sing-up and/or begin payments to get full access to State of the Soil and see what Nick has to offer. Thanks again NICK!!!”

“Nick, First, all I can say is wow! What you have done with State of the Soil is nothing less than terrific. It is something the industry as a whole as needed for a long time. Coming from working for an organic fertilizer company, I often felt farmers thought they could out fertilizer poor management skills. Offering the information to help them develop skills to help them be better managers is a great value for them.

Second, I’m disappointed I missed your call. I appreciate the fact you took time out of your day to do that.

Your story and the information I’ve gleaned from other speakers has helped me tremendously with my new journey in the Ag Industry and as a producer.

Thanks Again,


“I enjoyed all of the Summit guests that I had time to watch but my favorite sessions were with Jeff Bednar and Karin Kloosterman. They both have so much energy and passion for what they do and I love the intersection of human interest, technology and agriculture. Your session on Facebook tools was also fantastic!

I am a hobby gardener at this point but romanticize the idea of one day spending much more if not all my time on creative farming pursuits. Thank you so much for putting this together. It came to me at exactly the right time in my life to offer inspiration!”

“Absolutely love the summit so far! I had no idea there was such an accessible and knowledgeable grower’s network. I’m just starting out in farming and look forward to becoming part of the network.

One of the overriding themes I’ve noticed is that growers need to do market research and know what to sell before it’s grown. I’ve heard that’s one of the top mistakes growers make and, unfortunately, I made that mistake. To make matters worse, I have both a bachelor’s and graduate degree in business, so I should know better.”

“Thanks so much! I’m really excited to get access and start learning…it seems like you’ve provided an incredible value and as someone just moving into a small farm business for the first time, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this information. It’s the kind of thing I’d been looking for but now quite able to to find in all the books and blogs I’ve followed. Thanks again!

Have a great one!


“Thanks to Nick Burton for the video session this morning pulling the curtain back on Facebook target marketing. You can catch it again tonight at 8:PM. It was very informative for me & will help me going forward to set up my target marketing on Facebook. The Bottom Line Nick Burton will teach how to save money by narrowing your target audience and maximize your ad spend.”

“Dear Nick, I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for all your insight and efforts. Also for the lovely phone call the other day. I have been busy driving a friend to Florida, so have not had the time to return your call. I have not viewed all of the talks
Yet and am glad I purchased my pass, as I can catch up in the coming week. I just wanted
To take a moment to tell you that you are appreciated.” – Bonnie Morgan, Farming in Pa

“Having a network of like minded growers and industry experts to question is tremendous. Nick even attempted to call me which was huge. I missed his call but plan on returning it in the near future.”

“Net return on dollars invested in knowledge and free electronics materials is better than any online horticulture business course or book I have purchased to assist with local food production business planning.” – Chris Miller Lake land College horticulture Instructor/Owner MVP Plants

“The amount spent on this wealth of knowledge will be made back 20 fold in customers and sales. This class is a no brainer to improve your farm in numerous ways.”

“I don’t have much marketing experience with agriculture products/produce. This saves me a LOT of time networking with farmers and suppliers.”

“I think you priced it exactly right. The value so far is my time, say $1000. When I start my farm, I’ll have to tell you then, but I can’t imagine it less than another $1000, probably a lot more.”

“Everything you will need to hear and all the help you will need for the answers to your questions.”

“Since attending his first Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)school as offered by Growers Supply, Nick has continuously given back to out customer base and the agricultural community. He takes his success story and pays it forward, teaching existing and start-up agricultural business entrepreneurs the art of market development even when heavy competition is imminent. Nick is now and has been a keynote speaker at CEA school every two months in South Windsor, CT. His knowledge and success stories stem from real life practice and that knowledge is priceless.
Every CEA school is concluded with a survey asking the attended to rank each presentation. Nick is consistently at the top of that list. His success story and shared knowledge invoke confidence and provide the wherewithal to customers starting their own agricultural business.
I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, it is impossible to track all of the credit due to Nick. His workings go beyond the point of sale with many customers and that is invaluable.” -Zachery Carr, Greenhouse Sales, Growers Supply

“The conference had made me look at the convenience factor of buying my products. It has also served as a reminder of the things I know but have been too busy to do…back to basics.”

“I’m holding back on this one since I’ve only had time to watch 4 sessions from Day 1. So far I’d say Andrea Shackleford, as we are just getting into selling to a few restaurants.”

“I believe in supporting the efforts of those who work so hard to provide worthwhile help, support, ideas, and experiential knowledge.”

“I probably got my money’s worth just by hearing Nick talk about the Victory Lunch club when I met him in Austin last November. This content is probably worth 10 times what you charged.”

“This content is probably worth 10 times what you charged. Although I appreciate the low entry, I probably would not have been able to afford that as a startup. Hopefully I can pay it forward someday.”

“I got the most out of the media book so far…$50 to $80 so far for all…I guess.”

“Just do it. It’s worthwhile information and a great way to get it later on. You won’t regret having it.”

“I haven’t had the chance to review them all but they were very worthwhile. I even passed on to my marketing friend and he said it was excellent and worth good money.”

“The books added enough real value up front to make it easy to commit to the cost of the AAP. I felt that I already got my money’s worth in advance.”

“Yes and there is more material than I can handle in the timeframe so its worth the cost to be able to reference it later.”

“I am just getting ready to start my market farm this year and am studying as much as I can. I see great value in learning from others experience and before it even started I learned enough to justify the cost.”

I’m in Boston today speaking at the Carrot Project Deepening Roots event but wanted to take some time to thank you for State of the Soil summit.
Literally five minutes after walking into this event a young farmprenuer Ryan approached me and thanked me for my insight on urban agriculture that I provided in your summit.
I was astounded to meet someone here for the first time that knew my from the webinar I did for your summit! That is really cool. You have done an amazing job and think this is only another example of the knowledge you are deploying and the connections you are making.
Keep growing Nick!
Henry Gordon-Smith
Urban Agriculture Consultant.”

“I’ve been working with Nick for around 3 months now and couldn’t be happier with the outcomes. Throughout the process, Nick was incredibly easy to work with, easy to get ahold of, great at communicating, knowledgeable, and extremely generous with his time. His genuine and no-bill attitude made it an even more pleasant experience. Not only did he provide out audience of aspiring farmers with practical and actionable insight on farm marketing, he helped us raised the bar on our own quality of business.
In a short time, we were able to organize, prepare, and record a 3-part webinar series for our online farm training program, Upstart University. We’ve only held the first of webinars and have already received raving reviews. The information he presented was founded in his real-life experience as a farmer and entrepreneur and back clear examples and visible results. It was a big hit with out farmers! In fact, several have already decided to take advantage of the great resources to come in State of the Soil. I’ll be encouraging them to sing up! If you’re a farmer, you play more roles thank you think – including marketer. The summit is a can’t miss opportunity to get you info you won’t find anywhere else in the context of farming.
Have a great night!” – Halle Brake