Urban Farm Academy

Ready to quit your job and start a sustainable Urban Farm?

Are you ready to take your hobby to the next level?

You’re just a step away from learning from two farmers that built their controlled environment agri-businesses from the ground up. You’ll learn from their experiences, wins and failures. You’ll learn how to build your market before you decide on a growing method. You’ll learn how and where to sell your farm’s produce, how to add value, and how to get top dollar for your products.
Get hands-on learning with many types of systems and greenhouses.


Nick is the founder of the State of the Soil Online Summit. He’s an Ag blogger, lead agriculture consultant at Growers Coach, as well as the owner of Victory Lunch Club a one of a kind, weekly subscription based modified CSA. He is also the owner of Blue Collar Paris Property Management, and farmer of 5000 Sq Ft Indoor grow operation, and a seasonal farmer’s market vendor. Nick was recently featured in an article in the Dallas Morning News about his commitment to helping small farmers. He’s taught several classes for Upstart University on Social Media Marketing, and Farmer’s Market Booth Success and was interviewed in the Growing for Market Magazine.


Mr. Bednar started Profound Microfarms in 2014. He grows produce for restaurants, wholesalers and farmer’s markets in an aquaponic & hydroponic greenhouse systems in North Dallas. Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who is on a mission to transform food production worldwide. He knows that by sharing his vision, his story, and knowledge he can empower others to create change in their cities and impact the health of their local communities. Jeff has immersed himself in education. In the last 3 years he’s become a Master Gardener, Certified Permaculture Designer, attended a number of personal and business development trainings, and networked with the top people in the industry at Indoor Ag Con, Aglanta, and the Aquaponics Association Conference.

  • Do you want to see an operational greenhouse with several different growing methods in action: Greenhouses, High-tunnels, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, and Raised Bed Gardening? You’ll experience Media-Based systems, Deep Water Culture, NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), and Vertical Towers.
  • Learn by doing? You’ll get hands on experience, seeding, transplanting and harvesting.
  • Learn how to cultivate buyers in your market before you blow your money building and hoping someone will buy?
  • Learn how to get your ideal clients to call you. Learn how to pitch investors and raise capital.
  • Do you want to sell to 5-Star rated restaurants?
  • Learn why attention matters and why you need it. Marketing tips to generate excitement that gets you media. You’ll even learn to give great interviews!
  • Do you want know how we got featured in the Dallas Morning News, Grower Talks Magazine, Growing for Market Magazine?
  • Do you want the unfair advantages that separate Legacy Growers from One Season Wonders?

What are you NOT going to learn about at our 3 day intensive:

  • How to compete with “Big Ag” Farms
  • All the day to day activities needed to run an urban farm

If you want this training and experience before you invest in a farm or want to step your current sales up to the next few levels welcome to

The Urban Farm Academy

Profound Microfarms has opened up their farm, located just 40 miles from DFW airport, in Lucas, Texas to the Urban Farm Academy.  The operational CEA (Controlled Environmental Ag) Farm has nearly 17,000 square feet of farming operations on just 2.5 acres.  

Here some of what’s covered in the UFA 3-Day intensive:

Day 1: Greenhouse & Systems

    • Greenhouse & System tour, we’ll discuss Aquaponic, Hydroponic, Vertical, and Deep Water Culture techniques and equipment.
    • Hands on Seed, Transplant, Harvest, Packaging exercises
    • Infrastructure and design
    • Technologies
    • How to get deals and pay less for everything
    • Staffing your operation
    • How to enroll, train and manage volunteers and interns

Day 2 Marketing

  • Ideal Client Types
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Traditional Press
  • Ad design
  • Sizing your market potential
  • Beyond Micro-greens; Low cost entry points to CEA
  • Branding & Packaging

Day 3 Advanced Sales

  • Networking and selling to: restaurants, affiliates, grocery stores, direct to consumer, and farmers markets
  • Pitching investors and raising money
  • Talk to chefs – how to speak their language and how to get 5 star restaurants calling you for product
  • Become a local expert
  • How to give a killer media interview
  • Overcoming barriers to fulfilling your goals
  • Creating an action plan with a clear path to achieve your goals


Includes a panel discussion and Q&A with local food experts, industry thought leaders, executive chefs, and local farmers. We’ll even treat you to outstanding, locally sourced, chef-crafted, small plates and hors d’oeuvres. 

The Urban Farm Academy Difference

Grow method agnostic- As long as your goal is to provide better, healthier, locally-grown food to your community, we support all growing methods.

No pitch to sell equipment- We do not sell equipment, nor do we want to sell equipment. We are open to share our honest experiences with various products and suppliers that we like and dislike. We have relationships with many vendors in the industry and we’ll share our network with you to save you time and money, but only if you ask.

Full-Disclosure – we’re currently hitting up some of our favorite vendors and suppliers to become sponsors of the UFA, that will allow us to keep our costs to you as low as possible. We have several requirements of our sponsors, some of which are that they must be one of our actual vendors or customers and we are requiring that all UFA graduates get the same amazing customer service that we’re used to and have access to any special deals and discounts that we might get.

Learn from growers who live the abundance mentality- Jeff and Nick believe that more quality growers doing business in an ethical manner raises the industry up and there will always be room for quality operations and people. We see opportunity, not competition. To save our food system a strong network must be maintained.

We do not have seats available for inaction- If you come to our 3-Day intensive you will be challenged, you will participate in group discussions, and you will be a stronger business person because of it. We expect our students to emerge as leaders. We will be there to hold you accountable and to help you up when needed.

Community- The people who attend with you will become your network. They are just like you, committed to making a difference in their communities and providing a sustainable income for their families. By attending, you exponentially grow the size and quality of your professional network.

Social Proof- Nick and Jeff currently make their living farming. Nick has coached over 1000 farmers, from brand new to seasoned and he’s positively impacted countless growers. We employ people and feed our communities. You can check our farms’ Social Media for near daily updates of our practicing what we preach.


The Details:

  • August 30-September 1, 2017
  • 3-9 hour days with lunch, snacks, drink & coffee service provided
  • Meet and greet, off-site with special guest Q&A panel
  • Student Concierge service to assist with travel plans, transportation, special needs, lodging, & meal suggestions
  • Take-home binder and USB memory stick with all presentation slides, sample press-releases and advertising, links to our favorite suppliers and vendors and much more
  • Exclusive Access to the closed Facebook community support page
  • Only open to positive action takers
  • $1500 tuition. $1000 early bird special expires August 21, 2017 @ 11:59 PM
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied after day one, just let us know and we’ll give you a full tuition refund
  • Lodging, transportation, and meal expenses (other than lunches) are not included
  • We believe that learning, working, and experiencing an operational farm is better than meeting in an air-conditioned hotel meeting room. Check the weather before you come, if it’s hot outside, it will be hot. If it’s cold, it will be cold. Rain or shine. We hope that if you are serious about starting a farm you can handle 3 days in a barn classroom and greenhouse

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