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Welcome to The State of the Soil Virtual Summit

The State of the Soil Virtual Conference is a series of 26 presentations from 27 speakers who have been working in and outside of the agricultural industry with success after many failures and hardships. Learning their stories and learning the things that have worked and not done so well will help you begin to develop the thought patterns to ask of your area and situations.

It turns out I needed the State of the Soil Virtual Summit more than I thought. After a single presentation on Day 1, I was hooked. I learned new skills I didn’t even know I needed – like how to set myself up for success during a video interview and how to make a memorable impression at a conference. The presentations, combined with the amazing set of downloadable resources, and the transparency of the staff has made it an incredible experience. The All-Access Pass is well worth it! -Halle Brake

You can preregister now to watch these presentations for the next free May 26-28. If you can not wait and want access to all sessions and bonuses now, get an all-access pass for just $97. An all-access pass will give you access to ongoing webinar training reserved for all access members, as well as the ability to watch the videos at any time for your convenience.

The information contained within has been excellent and truly made me realize that I am not alone in my struggles and there are good people out there working on the same goals and trying to accomplish great things for our common goals. I think it was during Kevin’s interview on day one that I realized that it could be a struggle but it would work out with some determination and the right resources to lean on. I was most impressed by the live resource on Canva also. It got my creativity started and thinking and got me excited to start moving forward into the summit. Thanks, Nick. ~ Ben Volkman, Sea Wolf Farms

Free Bonus Downloads include:

  • Interview with Andrew Mefferd of Growing for Market Magazine.
  • Farm Charm ebook about driving traffic to your farm’s products.
  • Plant Seeds Daily, 365 Days of Farming Social Media Guide ebook.
  • @#Social Media, A growers guide to social media basics ebook,
  • Nick’s Farm maintenance checklist for Victory Gardens in Paris, Texas.
  • Farmer’s Market Report to help educate your clients of supporting local markets.
  • State of the Soil White Paper, a look at developing a marketing plan and new farm considerations.

Nick, First, all I can say is wow! What you have done with State of the Soil is nothing less than terrific. It is something the industry as a whole as needed for a long time. Coming from working for an organic fertilizer company, I often felt farmers thought they could out fertilizer poor management skills. Offering the information to help them develop skills to help them be better managers is a great value for them.

Your story and the information I’ve gleaned from other speakers has helped me tremendously with my new journey in the Ag Industry and as a producer.

Thanks Again, Monica

Paid Access include ongoing uploads like:

  • Facebook Market Research
  • Canva Design Tool
  • Making A Promo Video
  • Interview with Michael Kilpatrick of In the Field Consultants
  • Scott Carrus of Sky Vegetables/Blue Planet Consulting Presents
  • How to Brainstorm Content
  • Reducing FaceBook Ads cost per click through testing
  • How to start a Facebook Page and boost an ad
  • Farmers Market Picture Slideshow of Displays
  • Copy of Advertisements use at Victory Gardens
  • Pre-made Images for you to use on your Social Media Pages
  • Farmers Market Checklist
    …With More added each Month!

Thanks so much! I’m really excited to get access and start learning…it seems like you’ve provided an incredible value and as someone just moving into a small farm business for the first time, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this information. It’s the kind of thing I’d been looking for but now quite able to to find in all the books and blogs I’ve followed. Thanks again!

Have a great one! – Danielle